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Djeug'Appart Apartments

Djeug Djeug Djeug
Djeug'Appart Apartments
Djeug'Appart offers large apartments, each having a living room, a dining room, a laundry room with a washing machine, two rooms, two bathrooms and a WC for visitors.
Pricing varies with the duration of guests' stay and is categorized under Short-term Stay (7 to 30 days), Medium-term Stay (2 to 5 months) and long-term stay (6 months and above). Cheques and credit cards are accepted payment means.
Well decorated and hygienically maintained, these apartments are ideal for families and enterprises visiting the city of Yaounde.
Djeug'Apart apartments have well-secure parking space both in and out of the building, a stand-by generator and water reserve. The apartments are also guarded by professionals and the services of a concierge are also available.
Djeug'Apart is situated at the Avenue Amadou Ahidjo not far away from the busy administrative district of Yaounde, and a few meters from the Prime Minister's Office and the Yaounde Sports Complex.

Useful Details

Category: Hotels

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Contact Service Provider(+237):
242 722 366  /  693 091 055

Town: Yaounde

Region: Center

Hotel Amenities
  • Restaurant

  • Pool

  • Bar

  • Shuttle

  • Parking

  • Wi-Fi

  • Lounge

  • Dry-cleaner's

  • Gymnasium

  • Casino