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The Limbe Botanic Garden

The Limbe Botanic Garden
The Limbe Botanic Garden
From beautiful flowers to pristine plant life marked by its thematic gardens, majestic trees and ideal setting surrounded by a dazzling display of colour, this garden (one of sub-Saharan Africa's finiest) has an unmatched pulling effect. This serene environment enhanced by the intriguing shapes and colours of exotic plants provide a peaceful escape from the nearby bustling city. This garden was founded by a group of Germans under the Directorship of Paul Preus in 1892. It served as a trials and acclimatisation centre for the introduction of exotic crop species such as coffee, cocoa, rubber, oil palm, banana, teak and sugar-can The hot spot restaurant is around to stimulate your taste buds with African and European cuisine served at the hotspot restaurant over looking Ambas bay with its breathtaking views. Also worth checkingout outdoor amphitheatre jungle village and the zoo which is directly opposite.

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