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The PM's Lodge

The PM
The PM's Lodge

Prime Minister’s Lodge: History in Architecture.

The Prime Minister’s Lodge is a historical monument built in 1902 by the Bakweri people under forced labour. The house is said to be a copy of one of Kaiser’s (a German king) hunting lodges in Germany.

Drawn from historical antecedents, the story begins when the German government launched a military expedition to occupy all the areas around Mount Cameroon due to the fertile soil. They invaded the jurisdiction of the then chief of Mount Fako, Chief Kuva Likenye.
By 1895, Chief Endeley signed a brutal peace treaty, imposing on, and obliging the Bakweri people to pay war indemnities in land, livestock, and men. These men were then forced to build the palace of the late German governor, Von Puttkamer. This building later became the Prime Minister’s Lodge and for the first time, hosted the Presidential couple on the occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration of Cameroon’s Reunification in Buea.

Today, it remains a living symbol of the relentless efforts put in place by the “Bakweris” to be free from German colonial rule. It is full of history and serves as a great haven for historical tourists and researchers.