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The Chariot of the Gods

The Chariot of the Gods
The Chariot of the Gods
“The Chariot of the Gods” was the expression that Hanno the Carthaginian used describe this magnificent natural endowment that has thrilled people with its dual personality for ages. On a normal day, it is a calm and beautiful scenery forming an ideal destination for bird watching, trekking and hiking but on a day of trouble, it is a raging volcano considered as horrifying spilling out red hot lava from its craters. This mountain has being baptised with several names such as the roof of Central and West Africa owing to the fact that it is the highest peak in both sub-regions having a height of about 4095m above sea level, the Throne of Thunder, Mount Cameroon which is the most common appellation, Mount Fako and “Mongo ma Ndemi” which means “Mountain of Greatness” in the native language of the Bakwerie people.
This area harbours the Mount Cameroon National Park which is home to animal species such as the elephant and also has to its credit charming florae some of which exist just on the mountain and nowhere else in the world. This destination also attracts a lot international attention during the highly acclaimed Mount Cameroon Race of Hope held yearly between the months of January and February. Join the groove of the lucky few who have lived life on the mountain because the mountain is better experienced than recounted.

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