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Visit the Great Kossipo (The Tree of Ages)

 Visit the Great Kossipo (The Tree of Ages)
Visit the Great Kossipo (The Tree of Ages)
It is the most famed endowment of the Ebogo eco touristic site which has raised curiosity in the minds of most that learn of its existence. The over 1175years (officially considered to be 300years) giant natural wonder has a diameter of 8m and an intriguing height of 85m. The presence of this tree with a celebrity status at the site has led to a rising influx of visitors who come from afar to behold this natural astonishment. The back of the tree also adds value to its reputation due to its medicinal attribute.
Visiting the Kossipo also gives you the chance to catch a glimpse of the island of parrots on the rare dark waters of River Nyong, go on a pirogue cruise, explore the equatorial forest and excite yourself through fishing for leisure purposes.

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Town: Yaounde

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